Why United Contact Lens?

We are experts at custom fabrication:

  • So you can sell contact lenses that aren't as readily shopable.
  • Custom, unusual, or hard to supply contact lenses.

Our materials, Ocufilcon A and Ocufilcon C:

  • Give customers customized gas permeable lens options.
  • High Oxygen permeability, long wearing, comfortable.
  • High water content, without the wetting problems of Silicone Hydrogel
  • Long-wearing for most patients.

Private labeling:

  • Private-label lenses create an identity for your practice.
  • Also, better margin and profitability.
  • Though requiring a minimum order, our private label product represents the best pricing on the market today.
  • Preserving your patients’ business and loyalty.

Contact us for more informatino regarding private labeling.

1(800) 446-1666

Suggestions to implement Private labeling

  • Have patients sign off on testimonials on how happy they are with your own private-label lens and make sure all of your patients see these testimonials.
  • Make sure your contact lens techs buy into this concept, as they actually close the sale.
  • Get monthly reports on the amount of different lenses you're selling so you can measure your success. Put these strategies to use in your practice and prepare for success!

Use your best available tool, United Contact Lens. We Are the Factory!

1(800) 446-1666

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